avr minimal circuit

What is the Minimum System on the Microcontroller?

The minimum system circuit of a microcontroller is a series of minimal so the microcontroller can work. ATmegga AVR chip is equipped with an internal oscillator and thus no need external crystal for CPU clock source in order to save costs. AVR microcontroller minimum system is very simple, just connect the VCC and AVCC to […]
“avr on January 26, 2017
atmega8 microcontroller pin features

Atmega8 Datasheet and the Explanation of The Input Output Pin Features

In this article described the hardware features of the AVR ATMega atmega 8 that is devoted to the type of PDIP, so for other types (QFN / MLF, TQPF) please refer to the specific datasheet only. In addition to functioning as an input/output pins, a pin on AVR microcontroller can concurrently as other functions. For […]
“avr on January 25, 2017
avr architecture

AVR Microcontroller Architecture

AVR microcontroller has some parts that are divided into: ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) is a processor for executing the program code that is appointed by the counter program. Program memory is a flash memory to store programs in the form of a memory address and program code in the memory address. Program Counter (PC) is […]
“avr on December 11, 2016

Arduino Bluetooth Shield Source Code and Tutorial

  This is a tutorial on how to use Arduino Bluetooth shield. To use this bluetooth shield, you have to plug it on the Arduino Uno board as shown in the image above. This Bluetooth shield can be programmed to be a master or slave. If Bluetooth shield is programmed into the master, the bluetooth shield […]
“avr on October 6, 2016

AVR ATMega8 Schematic Circuit with Eagle Software

ATMega8 Schematic Circuit (Minimum system) is a support circuit for the microcontroller. Without this support circuit, the microcontroller will not be able to work. Minimum system for microcontrollers consist of several components. The components are : crystal, capacitors, and the reset circuit (consisting of resistors and capacitors). And the crystal must be combined by two capacitors. The capacity […]
“avr on October 6, 2016

The Easiest Arduino Uno Bluetooth Shield

The easiest Arduino Uno Bluetooth shield for your Arduino Uno project is SeeedStudio Bluetooth Shield. Simply by plugging the Bluetooth Shield on your Arduino Uno and it has been ready for use. SeeedStudio bluetooth shield work using serial communication. You can choose two pins from Adruino Uno (from pin D0 to D7) to be used as Software […]
“avr on October 5, 2016

Arduino Source Code for Water Flow Meter Sensor

As described in the article Water Flow Meter Sensor, this sensor can detect the flow of water passing through the sensor. This sensor has three wires (red, black and yellow). Red cable is connected to VCC. Black cable is connected to GND. And the yellow cable is connected to the arduino data pin (digital pin […]
“avr on October 5, 2016

Arduino LCD and Keypad Shield

Arduino LCD Shield that widely used is made by DFRobot. DFRobot combines LCD Shield and Keypad Shield in one module. This LCD shield using a 16×2 character LCD components, and 5 buttons that you can use to create a menu option on your project. This Arduino LCD keypad shield can be mounted on the Arduino Uno. […]
“avr on October 4, 2016

SG90 Tower Pro Servo Datasheet

One type of electric motor is a servo. Servo motor is used to make mechanical robotic or automated devices. Servo work based on the frequency signal from the controller (such as a microcontroller or arduino). SG90 Tower Pro servo motor can also be controlled by a ruspberry pi. You can plug this SG90 Tower Pro […]
“avr on October 4, 2016

HC-SR04 Distance Sensor Arduino Source Code

HC-SR04 is a proximity sensor that is very widely used. This sensor is very easy to use because it only needs a simple syntax for programming it. You can view the datasheet and specification of the sensor’s hc-sr04 here. Sensor HC-SR04 is widely used as a sensor on the robot to detect objects around the […]
“avr on October 3, 2016

ATMega8535 Schematic Diagram

AVR ATMega8535 is a very popular microcontroller. In the recent years, ATMega8535 has been displaced by the other microcontroller with a more complete feature like ATMega32, ATMega16 or ATMega128. Even, when Arduino offers ease (in the used and programming), the conventional Microcontroller becoming obsolete. However, some users are still loyal to use the conventional microcontroller. And […]
“avr on October 3, 2016

AVR ATMega128 Schematic Circuit Adapter DIY

ATmega128 is one of the AVR microcontroller. Large memory (128KBytes) can be used to make a big project. For example, if you create a storage system using the MMC and use BASCOM AVR as the programming language, then you have to load a very large libraries into the memory of the microcontroller. And this can […]
“avr on October 2, 2016