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electronics embedded systems

electronics embedded systems

Avrchip.com is a website that helps you in understanding the digital electronics in particular the microcontrollers.
We explain digital electronics completely and simply.

You can find many references about electronics schematic, source code, and all of the things about digital electronics.
We hope, by opening avrchip.com, you can finish your projects easely.
To simplify your navigation in finding the articles that you need, we categorize our articles in multiple category.

1. Arduino
Contains various source code for arduino.

2. Microcontroller
Contains microcontrollers circuit schematic and the source code for the AVR microcontrollers.

3. Data Communication
Contains all matters related to data communication that allows it to be used on a the microcontroller.

4. Electronics Module
Find all the reviews of various electronics modules.

5. Sensor
Contains a variety of sensors and how its use.

6. Display
The reference on the various displays that can be used for microcontroller.

7. Mechanics
All about mechanical reference that you can use to create a robot or industrial project.

8. Power
Contains electrical and power tutorials (like an electric current distribution and voltage divider).


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