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ATMega16 Schematic Circuit Tutorial



Many projects can be built from a microcontroller such as control and monitoring project.

AVR ATmega16 can work when there are several supporting components such as resistors and capacitors in the circuit. ‘Reset’ feature on ATmega16 microcontroller must pull up using resistors (Also applies to the other AVR ATMega microcontroller). The series of pull up on the reset button typically use 4.7 Kohm resistor and stabilized with 100nF capacitor.

For AVR ATmega16 You can use up to 16 MHz crystal. But if you use the AVR ATMega16L you can only use 0-8MHz. Crystal components is enclosed by two capacitors whose capacity is set in microcontroller datasheet. However, it is usually used 22pF.

The downloader pin must be arranged  like the downloader standart pin (MOSI, MISO, SCK, RESET, GROUND).

Once you complete all the components of the minimum system, the microcontroller you’ve been able to work properly.

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