HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

HC-SR04 is one of a proximity sensor. This sensor is very cheap, so many developers that use these sensors to the system they developed. HC-SR04 can measure distances with ultrasonic wave method. This sensor has two part which is important, namely the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter will throw ultrasonic waves and will be reflected by a particular […]
“avr on October 2, 2016

Water Flow Meter Sensor for Arduino

Water flow meter sensor is a sensor that can detect the speed of water flow. One of a flow sensor that is often used is the production of seeedstudio. Water flow meter sensor works based on half-effect sensors that are inside. Half-effect sensors work by rotation of the turbine that is rotated by the flow […]
“avr on October 1, 2016

RS232 with MAX232 Schematics and Tutorial

RS232 is a serial communication standard that is used to connect peripherals to the peripherals. Also called the Path I / O (input / output). The best example we often encounter is a connection between a computer with a modem, or a computer with a mouse can even also between the computer and the computer […]
“avr on October 1, 2016

USBasp AVR Microcontroller Downloader Schematics

This USBasp downloader can be used on the AVR microcontroller families such as ATMega8, ATmega16, ATMega8535, ATmega32, ATmega128 and much more. Based on Atmega8 (or can also be used ATMega88) and some additional components. USB connector as the interface with a computer and five pins as an interface with a microcontroller. The USBasp’s hardware is very easy […]
“avr on September 30, 2016

Arduino Uno R3 the Computing Platform

Arduino is a trademark that manufactures microcontroller development board. Arduino UNO is one type of development board produced by Arduino, and the new series is arduino uno R3. Arduino UNO R3 is a computing platform that is very easy to use. Arduino UNO R3 is ATmega328P microcontroller based. According datasheet from ATmega328P, Arduino UNO R3 […]
“avr on August 12, 2016

Build Your Own Hexapod Robot

Hexapod robot is a robot that has six legs. Hexapod robot is used for through steep terrain or rocky areas. Wheeled robots can’t pass through the rocky and steep area. Therefore hexapod robot designed to replace wheeled robots in this area. Hexapod robot inspired by spider legs. Six feet make a robot stable and has a […]
“avr on August 10, 2016

Source Code for Arduino Servo Control

Servo is one type of motor controlled by a frequency signal. However, some types of servo have different ways to control it. Because each type of servo have different degrees of movement. For example, I use a servo Tower Pro SG90 and controlled using the Arduino UNO. Servo Tower Pro SG90 this has the following […]
“avr on March 20, 2016

ATMega16 Schematic Circuit Tutorial

Many projects can be built from a microcontroller such as control and monitoring project. AVR ATmega16 can work when there are several supporting components such as resistors and capacitors in the circuit. ‘Reset’ feature on ATmega16 microcontroller must pull up using resistors (Also applies to the other AVR ATMega microcontroller). The series of pull up on […]
“avr on February 6, 2016

Source Code for Arduino LCD Keypad Shield

Here is the Arduino programming tutorial for LCD keypad shield. Arduino LCD keypad shield used is described in this article. How to install LCD keypad shield on arduino uno simply by plugging in the arduino board. This tutorial will explain 3 arduino program. The first source code explains how to display characters on the LCD […]
“avr on January 29, 2016

Arduino Nano Datasheet and Tutorial

Arduino Nano is a function module which is very small but has a lot of advantages. The shape is very small so it is suitable to make a project that looks small. Arduino Nano is very special because of this support with breadboards. You can plug arduino and other electronic components in one breadborad. In the Arduino […]
“avr on December 20, 2015