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Arduino LCD and Keypad Shield

lcd keypad shield - arduino shield

lcd keypad shield – arduino shield

Arduino LCD Shield that widely used is made by DFRobot.

DFRobot combines LCD Shield and Keypad Shield in one module. This LCD shield using a 16×2 character LCD components, and 5 buttons that you can use to create a menu option on your project.

This Arduino LCD keypad shield can be mounted on the Arduino Uno. And like Arduino shield in general, you can install it by plugging in the top of Arduino Uno.

lcd keypad shield - datasheet

lcd keypad shield – datasheet

You will still be able to use all Arduino pins, although it is installed by sticking the Arduino Board. This diagram illustrates that this LCD Arduino provide pins which replaces the function of the pins on the Arduino board. You can still access + 5V, 3.3V, and ground pin, which has been provided on the LCD keypad shield.

Pin Function
Analog 0 Button (select, up, right, down and left)
Digital 4 DB4
Digital 5 DB5
Digital 6 DB6
Digital 7 DB7
Digital 8 RS (Data or Signal Display Selection)
Digital 9 Enable
Digital 10 Backlit Control

It uses 8 pin arduino, and you can take advantage of the other pins for sensors or other purposes. Pin A1 to detect the five buttons, while the digital pin 4 to 10 is used to control the LCD.

lcd keypad board - arduino shield

lcd keypad board – arduino shield